Cozzena Fashion Fundraiser Boutiques

  It’s springtime in Southern California, and that means all kinds of exciting and fun activities are happening. We are busy booking events for Spring and Summer, Cozzena Eco Luxe Fashion is making waves, not just in the world of style, but also in the realm of charity.

At the helm of this fashionable endeavor is Lynnea Cheatum Oakes and Darrell Bloom, two spirited entrepreneurs with hearts as big as their dreams. Lynnea and Darrell believe that fashion has the power to do more than just adorn bodies; it can also uplift communities and spread joy. With this vision in mind, they launched Cozzena Fashion with a unique twist – benefit boutique events that contribute to local charities.

The concept is simple yet effective: benefit boutiques and fashion shows. These events weren't just about showcasing the latest trends; they are about giving back to the community. Each boutique features curated selections of clothing, accessories, and artworks from local designers, with a portion of the proceeds earmarked for charity.

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