Cozzena's story began 2018 in Sunny Coastal Southern California when two experienced textile and apparel industry design and art production experts met by chance. One of them was doing "One Woman" fine art shows and the other digital visual arts and film making.  Lynnea and Darrell will never shy away from live music, an interesting conversation about travel or a new healthy cooking recipe!

From Darrell, "I love Art Culture & the people within it. The act of creating something that doesn't exist and working with others to problem solve in a unique way is what we are proud to show and offer to the world".

Lynnea by nature is a non-stop creative who creates public spaces for clients, paints fine art, sings, builds things, dances and believes in moving through this world with respect & kindness.

We focus on finding healthy, ethical & sustainable clothing from around the world! Celebrating the traditions of craftsmanship of Fair Trade Artisans and Eco-Awareness from many diverse Countries. Comfort, Confidence, Health and Glamour is attainable for every beautiful body, no matter what our size is.

Cozzena Eco Luxe Fashion is located in Beautiful Oceanside, California.

 The name "Cozzena" broken down- COZ for "Cozy", ZEN for "Zen like", and A for all of the beautiful women in our lives.

Basically, we sell soft. Buttery soft. "When something feels good on your skin, you feel good in your skin". No more discomfort in exchange for high fashion. No more stress to dress. Functional, flattering & well made silhouettes that Cozzena offers makes creating your personal style so simple to attain!

We have designed an intimate space with “personal closets” for every customer who wishes to have that personal touch for their particular body and style.

"Live a Comfortable Life!"